One Big Switch to create 20 jobs as new European HQ opens in Dublin

A total of 20 new jobs will be created by One Big Switch Dublin with the opening of our new European headquarters in Dublin. The announcement was made by the Minister for Agriculture, Marine and Food Minister Simon Coveney TD on a St Patrick’s week visit to Australia where he met with One Big Switch founder Lachlan Harris. The new […]

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Switching pays dividends and it’s simple

Switching your electricity or gas supplier is simple, quick and could save you money. There are a lot of myths about switching your home energy provider. It takes ages, it’s complicated, you get a different type of electricity and you’ll have builders laying new pipes and meters. None of the above is true.  In fact, switching is simple and there’s […]

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Campaign champ to win 1 year’s free electricity in free draw

Cash conscious consumers have been signing up to the Big Energy Switch campaign in their thousands. And, many people registering with the campaign are also signing up their friends and relatives. That means that the good news is spreading – and the greater the number of people who sign up the greater our bargaining power for a better deal. Today, […]

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One Big Switch has launched in Ireland. If you’re looking for the Irish One Big Switch website, check it out here: . Join our first campaign the Big Energy Switch to help unlock discounted electricity and gas offers in Ireland. Check it out and spread the word at

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Power to the people….

Power to the people, or the power of prayer could become a major legal test in South Africa. Nelson Thabo Modupe says his electricity company should fork out 250 million rand because his religious devotion prevented power cuts during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Nelson, of Lichtenburg, near Johannesburg, is a member of the Zion Christian Church and […]

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See if you can save €200 in 30 minutes with our energy tips.

See if you can save €200 in 30 minutes with our energy tips. Here are five quick and easy ways to save approximately €200 a year in energy costs. In just thirty minutes you’ll make savings that will dramatically reduce your annual energy bill – one of the biggest drains on the household budget. 1. Save on your TV and […]

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Five facts about switching energy that many consumers don’t know…

Five facts about switching energy that many consumers don’t know…….. 1.  It’s simple.  You just need to register with One Big Switch and answer a few questions about your bill so that we can seek to unlock a group discounted electricity bill.  It’s easy with One Big Switch – it takes just a couple of minutes. 2.  It’s free.  Yes, […]

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Are country people being discriminated against by ESB networks?

Are country people being discriminated against by ESB networks? Are you a domestic urban or a domestic rural electricity user? You’ll know by looking at your bill. ESB networks who maintain the electricity network designate your home either urban or rural and a set charge is levied as part of your bill. It’s clearly marked. It totals €139.62 for urban […]

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People power to beat austerity?

Are our electricity prices the most shocking in Europe? Electricity prices are set to rise again in February – by another 2per cent. That follows a rise in the cost of electricity of approximately 3 per cent last November – adding approximately €40 a year to household bills.  And that increase came on top of a €20 charge to subsidise […]

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