NewsAre we there yet? Covid Certificates
Are we there yet? Covid Certificates

Are we there yet? Covid Certificates

On July 1st, the European Union launched the EU Digital COVID Certificate to re-open travel within the EU. All member states participated, even those states with high vaccine hesitancy rates like Romania, who have just sold us 1 million surplus vaccines. All 27 member States that is, except Ireland. We are delaying our launch until July 19. Ryanair has called on the Government to explain why Ireland is “Paddy Last” to issue Digital COVID Certificates.

Any EU citizen can get a Certificate if they have either had Covid, had a negative PCR test or have been fully vaccinated. With the Certificate - which will appear as a QR code on your smartphone - holders will be free to travel around the EU without having to quarantine, isolate or restrict their movements. The fact that we are not included means we have to continue to put any holiday or travel plans on hold, but also means that we cannot properly welcome European tourists or business travellers to Ireland.

China has used a type of Digital Covid certificate since the beginning of the pandemic. A QR code on a Chinese citizen’s phone indicated if they were covid free and was scanned to allow access to the workplace, public transport and public buildings. This has allowed Chinese citizens a lot of freedoms to go about their business and avoid the more indiscriminate blanket lockdowns we experienced in Ireland.

On the other hand, the US has not implemented any type of national certificate or passport based on covid status, preferring to just vaccinate as many people as possible and allowing the hesitant the same freedoms as the vaccinated. However, US citizens travelling abroad are still being asked to prove they have been vaccinated, but it is potentially more difficult to safely and privately prove their vaccination status without an official Government Certificate.

The UK, has of course made up it’s own “world beating” system. The UK National Health Service is offering English citizens who still want to travel a PDF as proof of vaccination - in the event that the associated barcode may not be readable at the travel destination.

What do you think? Are Covid Certificates intrusive or freedom enhancing? Are they a sign of reduced civil liberties or efficient law and order? How will you use yours? Share your thoughts below:

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Are we there yet? Covid Certificates

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Someone from D commented:

Last year we were satisfied to use thermal scanning to identify if someone is sick. We kept the sick away from the healthy. Now we have a digital tattoo to separate the unlikely to get sick (bcos we’re vaccinated) cohort from the might get sick cohort. What next? Separate seats on buses? Government has decided that bullying minority groups who fear to be vaccinated, cannot for health reasons be vaccinated or just assert their constitutional right not to be jabbed should all be perfectly legal. 

Dermot from MN commented:

Fully vaccinated and totally disagree with passport for entertainment . Do not bring phone when going out. Maybe ok for international travel. 

Mark from MH commented:

I am fully vaxed myself but I disagree totally with needing a cert to travel. It creates a two tier system and ignites resentment on both sides. When did we decide it was ok for a person with different views to ourselves be denied the same rights as ourselves. I despair for us as a society where that to happen. I also voluntary received the vax if it where to become mandatory I would not not be taking it again and would happily join the resistance! 

Jennifer from LH commented:

I think they're a great idea & will give us more freedom. 

James from WH commented:

Well written document! A good one for debating. I think we should all get the vaccine and get on with our lives as it used to be! 

James from WH commented:

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James from WH commented:

Ireland should recognise the efficacy of Antigen testing with regard to within-EU travel. 

Someone from C commented:

Mark of the beast stepping up the pressure... 

Someone from LH commented:

Put simply, a covid passport is an OBSCENITY. It is against every civil right every human right, and the constitution of Ireland, It is unjust, unfair, an invasion of privacy. It divides our country even more than the government and healthboard already has. It intrudes on medical information that should only be known to the individual and his or her doctor. It will create a two tier society that the world may never recover from. And now they want to inject children ... CHILDREN ... with an untested so called vaccine to combat a virus that has a 99.7% recovery rate, based on a pcr test whose inventor said it was unfit for use in this way, which is being wrongly calculated and creates false negitives. And using this totally flawed information they wish to dictate who may live and who may not? Because without our inalienable rights to freedom of thought, opinion,assembly, peaceful protest, travel, freedom to walk, cycle,drive, go by bus or train or plane to wherever we choose...we are not alive.! The covid passport must not be allowed or we will be in a dictatorship, and Ireland is still meant to be a democracy. Say No to the tyranny of covid passports and the would be dictators who wish to abuse our rights and remove all our FREEDOMS by bringing them in. For eight centuries we were under the oppression of outside rulers, do not let our tyrannical leaders give our freedom away and enslave us after one century of FREEDOM, won by the self sacrifice and lives of our ancestors. Make Ireland a free and noble land again, say NO to vaccine passports, if you believe in truth, in justice and in our childrens' futures. NO VACCINE PASSPORTS. 

Cian from C commented:

Take a vaccine if you want to reduce your risk of contracting Covid. Don't take one if you're happy to assume a greater risk of contraction. Simple. Who knows the long term implications of these experimental vaccines (only in a stage 3 phase of the authorisation process and the side-effect data isn't even being collected!) Creating a two-tier privilege society smells nasty, divisive and frankly rather fascist (especially with the corporate profiting behind the whole thing). Down with this sort of thing 

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