Ireland ranks 3rd in Europe for the cost of a night out

We’ve all said it! “What the hell happened last night!?” You’re €100 down, the fear is hanging like a dark cloud over an otherwise sunny day and you just looked at your last dialled. It’s ok, we’ve all been there. But where did it all go! One Big Switch, Irelands largest  consumer network, has attempted to shed some light on what exactly ha... Read more

20,000 + Households Use People Power To Help Unlock Special Health Insurance Offers

In another big win for people power, The Big Health Insurance Switch campaign has succeeded in unlocking a cash back offer for health insurance customers in Ireland. The cash back offer has been unlocked by the buying power of the 70,000+ One Big Switch Members base. One Big Switch are delighted to be giving a cash back to our members who […]

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People Power Unlocks Group Discounted Energy Again

The people power of over 70,000 consumers has succeeded in unlocking group discounted energy offers in Ireland for the second time this year. The energy offers have been unlocked by Ireland’s largest consumer network, One Big Switch and is a great sign that people power is alive and well in Ireland. One of Ireland’s leading energy retailers, Energia have made […]

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Survey Of 15,000 Finds 99% Of Health Insurance Policyholders Have Felt Negative Affects As A Result Of Market Exodus

Consumer network One Big Switch has today released a report that finds Irish consumers have felt significant negative impacts as a consequence of the 300,000+ Private Health Insurance policyholders who have left the market since it’s peak in 2008. The report, based on feedback from more than 15,000 consumers, is one of the largest health insurance surveys ever carried out in Ireland. […]

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The introduction of Lifetime Community Rating could prove costly for the current government. A survey of 12,000+ consumers found that just 16% of those without Private Health insurance say the introduction of Lifetime Community Rating will make them take it up. Under the current proposal, from May 2015, anyone entering the Private Health Insurance market after the age of 34 […]

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660,000+ Could Drop Their Health Insurance If Premiums Rise By 1-10%

A One Big Switch survey of 9,000+ members has shown that the current Health Insurance affordability crisis could become far worse if premiums continue to rise. Feedback from more than 5,000 Private Health Insurance policyholders indicate that 1 in 3 would give up their cover if premiums rose by as little as 1 to 10%. If 1 in 3 policyholders in […]

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One Big Switch has today launched the Big Health Insurance Switch, a campaign to help unlock more affordable health insurance offers in Ireland. We’re seeking 25,000 Irish consumers willing to join a campaign to help address the health insurance affordability crisis in Ireland. The campaign aims to convince at least one health insurer to release more affordable products. Experience shows […]

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The Big Health Insurance Switch Amasses 4.6 Million Euro Health Insurance Buying Power On The First Day Of The Campaign

More than 4,000 people have now joined the Big Health Insurance Switch in the first day, making it one of Ireland’s fastest growing consumer campaigns. After the success of the Big Energy Switch, consumers are once again flocking to join a people power campaign to do something positive about rising household bills. To put the Health Insurance buying power of […]

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Online Shopping – 7 Tips & Tricks

Online shopping is a relatively recent phenomenon and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. A recent report estimated Irish consumers will spend €5.9bn online this year and this is expected to rise to €12.7bn by 2020. The Internet has proved to be a great tool for consumers seeking out competitive prices on products and services. An Irish […]

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Families Missing Out on €2000 Annually by Not Shopping Around

An interesting report on the switching habits of Irish consumers was released earlier this month.  Commissioned by permanent tsb and taken from a sample of 1001 people, the report shows that although switching is considered to be quite easy, many people are still not willing to take the time out to  do it. The report claims that consumers could be missing […]

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