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With Digital Currency, will we still need banks?

Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank (ECB) recently said that the Euro could be available to European consumers as a digital currency in as little as four years. As a digital currency, your Euros would exist as legal tender on your smartphone without the need for a bank account. Essentially, the consumer has a direct relationship with the ECB as the issuer and guarantor of ... Read more


MONDAY 18 FEBRUARY 2019   2 in 3 IRISH HOUSEHOLDS SUFFERING FROM ENERGY FUEL POVERTY   A survey of 1,500 Irish households has found that 2 in 3 are suffering from energy ‘fuel poverty’. Fuel poverty is universally defined as a household spending over 10% of its income on energy costs.   Exclusive of taxes, Ireland has the second highest electricity prices in the EU[1]. T... Read more

Survey Of 15,000 Finds 99% Of Health Insurance Policyholders Have Felt Negative Affects As A Result Of Market Exodus

Consumer network One Big Switch has today released a report that finds Irish consumers have felt significant negative impacts as a consequence of the 300,000+ Private Health Insurance policyholders who have left the market since it’s peak in 2008. The report, based on feedback from more than 15,000 consumers, is one of the largest health insurance surveys ever carried out in Ireland. […]

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Year’s Free Electricity Prize Draw Winner Announced

During the Big Energy Switch you may remember we ran a prize draw asking members to refer friends to the campaign. An overwhelming 147 of our campaign champions were able to refer 5 friends or more to the campaign which was a great effort by all. Today our prize draw winner has been announced, Paula from Waterford (pictured) referred 9 friends […]

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The people power of over 45,000 members has succeeded in unlocking group discounted electricity offers in Ireland for the first time. The special offer, for new customers who switch to Bord Gáis Energy includes: A 10% discount in year one Plus €80 cashback after 12 months. Estimated saving for a 3 bedroom household on the standard rate is €215 in […]

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One Big Switch registration extended – offer follows soon

The period to join the One Big Switch campaign to reduce home energy bills has been extended due to overwhelming popular demand. In the final days of the campaign there has been a rush of householders to sign up and we now have over 37,000 members. Our original target of 20,000 members was quickly exceeded and as demand continues we […]

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Switching pays dividends and it’s simple

Switching your electricity or gas supplier is simple, quick and could save you money. There are a lot of myths about switching your home energy provider. It takes ages, it’s complicated, you get a different type of electricity and you’ll have builders laying new pipes and meters. None of the above is true.  In fact, switching is simple and there’s […]

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People power to beat austerity?

Are our electricity prices the most shocking in Europe? Electricity prices are set to rise again in February – by another 2per cent. That follows a rise in the cost of electricity of approximately 3 per cent last November – adding approximately €40 a year to household bills.  And that increase came on top of a €20 charge to subsidise […]

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Group switching works – around the world

People power around the world has saved households hundreds of euro every year. Europe and in Australia consumers have banded together to campaign for better deals on high household bills – and now Irish consumers will show their appetite for change the market for change. A study by a British consumer watchdog says that collective switching using social media could […]

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