How remotely can we work?

Working remotely is becoming the new normal for many of us. What was a temporary measure due to the pandemic is now permanently changing the way we work. Working from home brings many challenges: lack of space, poor broadband and the mental challenges of confinement. There are also many implications for householders and for household bills. Your energy, telephone and broadband usage might be... Read more

Brexit – how it impacts you and what to do about it

In December 2018 the Right Honourable Priti Patel, now the UK Home Secretary, announced she would be in favour of interrupting food supplies to Ireland if we did not toe the line to avoid a no-deal Brexit. Now, having done our very best to help get a deal in place, it looks like Minister Patel is still getting her way with a swath of interruptions and shortages affecting the Irish consumer. ... Read more


MONDAY 18 FEBRUARY 2019   2 in 3 IRISH HOUSEHOLDS SUFFERING FROM ENERGY FUEL POVERTY   A survey of 1,500 Irish households has found that 2 in 3 are suffering from energy ‘fuel poverty’. Fuel poverty is universally defined as a household spending over 10% of its income on energy costs.   Exclusive of taxes, Ireland has the second highest electricity prices in the EU[1]. T... Read more

Where are you on the One Big Switch Painogram

12,000+ Big Energy Switch registrants reported the level of energy bill stress they're facing. 1/3 people reported that they suffer from ‘Fuel Poverty’ of which 18% suffer from ‘severe’ or ‘extreme’ bill stress. This shows us just how much households are struggling to cope with the cost of Energy.  So who are the worst affected?  ... Read more

Energy Affordability Forum

Thanks for registering your insterest in attending the Energy Affordability Forum. Comment below to let us know what you're interested in discussing, suggestions you have or any other feedback on your energy billing life.  Read more

People Power Unlocks Group Discounted Energy Again

The people power of over 70,000 consumers has succeeded in unlocking group discounted energy offers in Ireland for the second time this year. The energy offers have been unlocked by Ireland’s largest consumer network, One Big Switch and is a great sign that people power is alive and well in Ireland. One of Ireland’s leading energy retailers, Energia have made […]

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 As we’re coming in to summer holidays, we though it might be helpful to share with you some Summer Energy Savings Tips; 1. Switch off at Source: Electronic devices consume even when they’re not in use. That’s why you should either unplug your electronics or switch off power at the source 2. Shop Around: Most consumers pay too much for […]

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The people power of over 45,000 members has succeeded in unlocking group discounted electricity offers in Ireland for the first time. The special offer, for new customers who switch to Bord Gáis Energy includes: A 10% discount in year one Plus €80 cashback after 12 months. Estimated saving for a 3 bedroom household on the standard rate is €215 in […]

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One Big Switch registration extended – offer follows soon

The period to join the One Big Switch campaign to reduce home energy bills has been extended due to overwhelming popular demand. In the final days of the campaign there has been a rush of householders to sign up and we now have over 37,000 members. Our original target of 20,000 members was quickly exceeded and as demand continues we […]

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Switchers won’t lose their Household Benefits package electricty or gas allowance

Pensioners who switch their home energy provider will not lost their Department of Social Protection Household Benefits package. Here at One Big Switch we’ve had householders calling us worrying that they would lose their weekly free fuel entitlement if they switched provider. While there appears to be some confusion around the issue, the facts are clear. The Household Benefits package […]

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