NewsSwitching pays dividends and it’s simple
Switching pays dividends and it’s simple

Switching pays dividends and it’s simple

Switching your electricity or gas supplier is simple, quick and could save you money.

There are a lot of myths about switching your home energy provider.

It takes ages, it’s complicated, you get a different type of electricity and you’ll have builders laying new pipes and meters.

None of the above is true.  In fact, switching is simple and there’s no disruption.  The only change is the name of your supplier and a cheaper home energy bill.

Of all those people who switched their home electricity supplier last year a total of 84% said that switching was easy.  And a little bit more, 87% of gas switchers said the same, it was simple and easy. They also told the Commission for Energy Regulation in a survey that the main reason for switching was to get a better deal.

Switching suppliers is an effective method of saving money on bills, and the National Consumer Agency has tracked some of those savings on regular household bills.

Switching is highest in the grocery sector with one in four consumers having switched where they do their main grocery shop and one in five switching their top-up grocery shop in the last 12 months.  This is followed by car insurance (23%), utility companies (electricity 16% and gas 16%) and broadband provider 14%.

Here at One Big Switch we are about to enter the final phase of negotiating an exclusive home energy deal for our members.

When that deal is finalised we’ll use the latest developments in digital technology to make switching quick and simple – and just a few keyboard clicks.

When the deal is finalised members will be sent details of the exclusive offer, and the email will contain a link to switch.

If members like the deal and opt to take it, they simply click on the link.

They’ll be brought to a page where they’ll be asked their name, address and a few other questions.

Members need only two things to hand – their bank account details and their MRPN number which is printed on  your electricity bill.

That’s it, congratulations, you’ve switched and you’re on your way to saving money.

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Switching pays dividends and it’s simple

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How do I know who is the cheapest provider? 

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