NewsAre we headed for another lockdown Christmas?
Are we headed for another lockdown Christmas?

Are we headed for another lockdown Christmas?

Many European states are heading back into lockdown. Austria started with restrictions on the unvaccinated but has now extended them to everyone. Netherlands is in partial lockdown while Germany is considering following. Anti-lockdown riots are a daily occurrence in affected cities. Meanwhile Sweden wants to stick to its same strategy of never using lockdowns. As cases are rising again in Ireland, what will happen here?

Some countries are mandating by law that everyone must be vaccinated. Austria has done so already. But that approach might not help us much as we are already 90% vaccinated compared to 65% in Austria.

So what tools are available to us given that we are one of the most vaccinated countries in the world? Are more lockdowns the only answer?

The problem as always is not to overburden the HSE, but when is it going to be overburdened? Remember the HSE 1700 bed emergency facility set up in CityWest? It was never used throughout the whole pandemic; it could be argued that emergency facilities be brought on stream before we lockdown for a second winter (and third spring) in a row.

If we do lockdown this winter, it seems very possible that we will do so again next winter and every winter. Covid is now endemic and is unfortunately never going away. In fact, it is becoming more and more like the normal winter flu in that regard. It is estimated that before covid up to 500 people died every winter due to flu. While every death is to be avoided and a great tragedy for each family involved, we never locked down for the annual flu epidemic. We didn’t stop going to work or school or pubs. Our society for many years and decades found that 500 deaths per year were acceptable and no further action was required.

What has changed now with covid? Most importantly the level of deaths is still higher, last winter there were over 2600 deaths with vaccines just coming on stream. At the moment we are seeing 43 tragic deaths per week and if we extrapolate forward that would mean close to 700 deaths by St. Patrick’s Day 2022. Booster shots, better treatments and self-isolation by vulnerable people might help lower that figure closer to the normal flu rate of 500 deaths per winter.

So the question becomes what is the acceptable level of deaths before we lockdown society again, with all its impacts on mental health, the economy and the normal working of society?

What do you think? Should we go to extreme measures to save every life possible? Or is there an acceptable level of deaths under which lockdowns are no longer acceptable?

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Are we headed for another lockdown Christmas?

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Someone from C commented:

Hi Oliver, According to the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) latest “Estimated Infection Fatality Rates for COVID-19” the survival rate for the perfectly fit and healthy adult population is 99.98% but maybe you have also noticed that non-programmable forms of Legacy FIAT currency are now being rapidly devalued at an average rate of ~1% per month according to the US Bureau of Labour statistics in order to justify the full retirement of private “universal” tokens of exchange (physical cash and coins) in favour of digitally monitored “conditional” tokens of exchange. ie. Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) which will almost certainly be linked to a “conditional” legal tender participation C-19 or any other mandated injection totalitarian digital “health pass”. What also gravely concerns me is that we are constantly being told there is not enough energy to keep the lights on in Ireland despite the fact that Europe’s largest untapped oil and gas field containing ~350 million barrels of oil and millions of cubic meters of natural gas has been discovered 70 km south of the Co Cork coast at Ballyroe at a water depth of approximately 100m.. According to the Ireland’s total annual Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions only account for 0.094% (Not even 1% of the World total!) We were lied to about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. We were lied to about 2 planes vapourizing 3 WTC skyscrapers. We were lied to about the COVID-19 mortality rate and we have been lied to about the fake energy climate crisis I hope this clarifies the gravity of the situation Ireland is currently facing and hope that you will make every effort to form a consortium or cooperative to work with Providence Resources to extract the valuable oil and natural gas resources from the Ballyroe oil field in Co Cork which could be refined at Conoco Phillips Whitegate oil refinery in East Cork. 

Someone from WD commented:

Very good description of the reality were living in, Ireland seems to be leading the race in the Globalist reset. People should wake up ,Switch of MSM and push back against this transfer to Totalitarianism. 

Mol from C commented:

If we followed the simple basic rules that everybody could follow, the numbers wouldn't have exploded as they did. Indoor socialising probably one of the main culprits of the rise. Life can't return to the old norm with so many people extremely ill and dying, and the knock-on effects on other services. The healthcare workers will burn out as well, and nobody will want to replace them. Who would? We just have to change our way of doing everything to survive this 

brendan from D commented:

We need to lockdown if it saves one life. Life is very precious. 

Eileen from D commented:

Hi Oliver I despise the rhetoric of ‘acceptable levels of death’. There is nothing inevitable about contracting Covid. Vaccines are a great tool in the arsenal but not sufficient. Simply put Covid is an airborne disease and it not be treated as such. When people are indoors or in large numbers outdoors, proper masks, worn properly are a must and indoors ventilation is crucial. Hepa filters. This is environmental science - credible research shows that appropriate masking and ventilation prevents 90% of spread and can keep society open. Unvaccinated children in crowded classrooms with no masks and no ventilation is an abuse of their human rights. Children are being deliberately exposed to a virus with serious potential long term consequences for their health’s it is abhorrent I hope all is well with you. Long time no see. Maybe you could do a deal on Hepa filters Regards Eileen OSullivan 

Someone from G commented:

Life keeps giving us the same lessons until we learn them. Obviously, collectively, we haven't learned yet to live each day well and take responsibility for our own health and wellbeing. And so we repeat the lockdown/vaccination/intense media terror cycle again until the collective learns from the pattern. Covid and the cohort of viruses, cancers, diseases etc. are not ever going away. Turn off the news. Take back your only power. That of your focus and presence. Learn to love looking after yourself. Be well and healthy all. Life is beautiful and we don't control when it ends for us so savour every moment, lockdown or not. Read Viktor Frankl's classic text about life in the concentration camps to see how unputdownable and glorious our human spirits are even in the worst situation imaginable. 

Someone from G commented:

*Viktor Frankl - 'Man's Search for Meaning' 

Someone from LD commented:

No more Lockdowns . Take precautions, as advised . There is no prescribed age at which we die . LIVE until we die 

Someone from MH commented:

No more lockdowns mental health and other health issues leading from these much more detrimental than covid 19 need to learn to live with it now for those who are scared or vulnerable they can take extra precautions everyone else needs to move on 

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