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COVID19 Vaccination Program

The news cycle this week has been heavily focussed on Brexit, it’s hard to argue there’s a bigger news story than the roll out of the COVID19 vaccine.It’s my view that the European Union and Ireland are struggling to roll out a covid vaccination program. Ireland has vaccinated 4.5% of its population and ranks 30th in the Financial Times ranking for vaccine roll out, far behind the US (13% vaccinated) but also behind Denmark, Lithuania, and Iceland in Europe. Israel leads the table with 62% of its population now vaccinated and its number of covid deaths dropping fast.What are your views on how the vaccine should be rolled out? We’ve put together a short survey for you to let us know your thoughts

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COVID19 Vaccination Program

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Anonymous from D commented:

As usual poor planning and antiquated systems are causing problems. Why can't public service data card be used for all contacts with the public service? If you want a job that interfaces with the public you need to be vaccinated! 

Anonymous from WX commented:

Vaccination rollout here too slow. Much quicker UK. Should also be mandatory for front line workers. I know nurses who won't have it. 

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