NewsThe Big Bank Switch 2015.

The Big Bank Switch 2015.

What is the Big Bank Switch? 

The Big Bank Switch Mission

The Big Bank Switch aims to use People Power to unlock a Group - Discounted mortgage product, and to help close the Irish Interest Rate gap

About the Big Bank  Switch

The Big Bank Switch is a campaign that aims to unlock a Group- Discounted mortgage product for Irish Consumers. On average, Irish mortgage holders pay significantly higher mortgage interest rates, than most consumers in Europe. We call this the Irish Interest rate gap.

The Big Bank Switch has been launched to help close the Irish interest rate grap.

Why Join the Big Bank Switch?

If you want to see more competition in the Irish Banking sector, than joining this campaign is for you. We’re looking for 20,000 Irish households to help send a message to the Irish Banking sector that consumers will reward banks who help close the gap, and promote a more competitive banking sector in Ireland.


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One Big Switch Team. 

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The Big Bank Switch 2015.

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Anonymous from LK commented:

Can't Get Into Web Site. You must use the same people as the Insurance Co's. me 0851005295. 

Anonymous from D commented:

Cant get into website 

Anonymous from KY commented:

Could not sign in on your website. Had 2 go 2 your Facebook page. This problem might put some people off 

Anonymous from C commented:

I think this a brilliant idea. People coming together to bring the cost of living is what should be done. Hope this campaign works for all those who join. Thanks to those who are working on this. Sheila from C. 

Denis from TA commented:

Any estimate when offer will be issued. Seems like its taking for ever! 

Charles from D commented:

Looks like this campaign died a speedy but lonely death ! 

Anonymous from CN replied to Charles:

Hi Charles, we haven't given up on the campaign. We're currently in negotiations with providers and are still building the people power of the campaign. We will be in touch once we have an update on the campaign. Regards, Emily 

Anonymous from KE commented:

I have been onto various agencies including the Central Bank & the main Political Parties to assist in this regard. There has been zero understanding or practical assistance. The consumer Protection Code specifically states that all financial institutions must treat their customers equally and fairly. The Central Bank to date, do not enforce this part of the code for Banks. They will not respond to my efforts to get them to do so. 

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