NewsWhere are you on the One Big Switch Painogram
Where are you on the One Big Switch Painogram

Where are you on the One Big Switch Painogram

12,000+ Big Energy Switch registrants reported the level of energy bill stress they're facing. 1/3 people reported that they suffer from ‘Fuel Poverty’ of which 18% suffer from ‘severe’ or ‘extreme’ bill stress. This shows us just how much households are struggling to cope with the cost of Energy. 

So who are the worst affected? 

Big Families: 38% of Households with 6+ residents are currently suffering from fuel poverty.

Families in Meath : Members from Meath are on average paying the most for their electricity bills with the average bill coming to €1,625. That's over €250 higher than the national average. 

Many others : 73% of households make sacrifices to their lifestyle in order to afford energy bills.

It's clear many people need as much help in fighting back against the current energy affordability crisis as they can get. 
We need you to keep spreading the word about the campaign. The more who join, the greater our chance of success. 

Have a look at the Painogram and see where you stand.


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Where are you on the One Big Switch Painogram

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Frank from D commented:

Bord gais have discontinued the offer which I received using the big switch which gave me c20% and 30% discount on unit rates and are now offering c10% now for a new contract which is a huge change for consumers. 

Someone from LK commented:

What is the best electricity company fo a business 

Jimi from SO commented:

I found Pure Telecom to be courteous and professional. I am delighted to be doing business with them and look forward to other 'cost saving 'mergers' in the future. 

Patricia from KY commented:

I rang Pure Telecom three times and all their telesales personnel were incompetent and a couple of the males extremely rude.I wonder if they have any training in telephone skills at all. obviously I did not go down the road of switching to them and now have another provider. 

Francis from DL commented:

My experience switching broadband to Pure Telecom has been dreadful. Francis Donegal 

julie from C commented:

i have not got any offers of we 

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