NewsCompetition - Tell Us How You Feel About Your Water Charges Bill

Competition - Tell Us How You Feel About Your Water Charges Bill

Irish households have begun to see their water bills hit the mat around the country.

The issue of charging for water has been a contentious one for more than a year now so with bills finally arriving we would like to know what consumers are planning to do and how they feel about the charges.

We are offering CASH* up to the value of your first bill if you either tag One Big Switch Ireland on facebook or tweet us @onebigswitchire a funny photo of how you feel about Water Charges. It's that simple.

*Terms and Conditions Apply

Terms and Conditions:

Payment will be made by cheque.

Prize is up to a maximum value of €87


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Competition - Tell Us How You Feel About Your Water Charges Bill

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Anonymous from D commented:

My water bills for the first year come to a total of €151, or just over 41c per day including the tax refund. That's less than the cost of one cigarette. My actual water usage is 255 litres per day. We have 4 adults & a teenager in the house, two showers rooms and a bath. According to alarmist journalist reports before the billing started I should be using three times the amount of water. Where did all the lies come from? It's incredible value for money. 

Martin from D commented:

Sorry meant to say John Bruton tried sell water to Saudi Arabia.... 

Martin from D commented:

Fine Gael means to Privatise Water and here's why..It is widely accepted that clean drinking water may be the valuable resource.By 2050 it is estimated half of the worlds population will experience the effects of drought.Take a look at California today and you will see this is really happening.People there are actually abandoning to their homes.So with the Fine Gael policy of making the rich even richer,and their continuation of increasing the wealth gap, Privatization is as certain to happen as muc h asstupid people Will continue to vote for Fine Gael.Once Privatization is rushed through (just like the bins) clean drinking water can be charged at international market prices.It's not too long ago that Richard Burton tried to sell our water to Saudi Arabia.Only the wealthiest might afford it in the not too distant future.Once this Utility is established step 1.A queue of greedy rich people no doubt with D.o.B at the top of the Queue will scramble to take it over.So I say to all ,there is one way to stop this .DON'T VOTE FINE GAEL. 

Sarah from CW commented:

I'd rather go to jail than pay the water charges- not that I have the money anyway! 

joey from KK commented:

never will i pay this 

giuseppe from D commented:

I find it unfair that many households who have not registered with irish waters are actually not getting any water bill. also, apartments are being heavily penalised in this water charging system, as they will not have any meters for a number of years, yet they will pay standard national average. Actual utility bills (gas and electricity) are on average 30~%-50% lower that national average as apartments are really small compared to an average Irish house. 

Maire from D commented:

I think the water charges are absolutely immoral. We are not paying taxes simply to pay the fat salaries and expenses of those who sit in Leinster House but to pay those Buckos a normal living wage and more importantly to allow the citizens to avail of some public services. My blood boils whenever I hear one of those said Buckos spouting out on radio interviews that we have to "start paying for the water we use." WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN PAYING FOR THE WATER WE USE THROUGH THE TAXES WE PAY. Where do they think the money came from? Certainly not out of their back pockets! These are the same Buckos who have given themselves legal entitlement to claim outrageous expenses for their commute to their place of work while Joe Citizen who has been forced out into an ever lengthening commute has to suffer in time and money. And most of which same Buckos have amassed 2nd and 3rd houses/apartments through the overnight (etc.) expenses which they again have given themselves legal entitlement to claim from the money which we, the citizens pay in taxes. If it were not for certain stores operating a reduction policy on their fresh foods which have reached their "sell by" date, my 2 children and I would be swelling the numbers in Brother Kevin's food kitchen. I have registered with Irish Water but NO I will not be paying one cent more in the tax with a new name. I don't have it. Finally, how can Enda Kenny possibly face people and not feel shame for the brazen lies he told the Irish people about property tax on the family home. SHAME ON YOU ENDA. Maire Dublin 

joeryaneden from D commented:

Can not afford water charges 

Christopher from LD commented:

I'm furious that I'm being bullied to paying a bill that is never read and is always estimated and far too expensive plus I'm unhappy about the original calibration of the meter when it was first put in. I just can't afford it on top of every other bill that I pay. It would be great if you could campaign to get these mater's put right. 

cora from D commented:

No prob paying if done fairly for all people and stop lining the suits pockets.also if water is drinkable and my area swords we have burst pipes every other ,month and no water tanks 

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