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People Power From Around the World.

People Power From Around the World.

One Big Switch uses advances in technology and digital campaigning to run people power campaigns that affect change in the markets we choose to run them. This year has already seen the success of the Big Energy Switch and the Big Water Charges Submission. People power is not a concept limited to Big Switches, so we’ve put together a short list of other people power campaigns that have achieved change through technology and other means;

1.     #IceBucketChallenge

A great example of people power in recent weeks has been the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’, the challenge simply involves a person pouring a bucket of ice water over their head and challenging (usually 3) others do the same or make a donation to fight ALS – all on social media. The campaign has been hugely successful with regular people and celebrities taking part. The campaign has as of yesterday raised over $41.8 million in donations. George W Bush, Cheryl Cole and even Michael O’Leary took part. O’Leary raised  €10,000 for the Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation. Viral social media campaigns are a recent phenomenon that have taken advantage of advances in technology to achieve change.

2.     Kickstarter campaigns
Kickstarter, is a global crowdfunding platform. Like the Ice Bucket Challenge, it uses people power to combine donations (big and small) to fund creative projects. Individuals submit proposals for a new business or project, and members of the site can choose to pledge cash in return for tangible rewards and special experiences. An Australian Kickstarter campaign is trying to raise money for the country’s first supercar while an American recently raised $55,000 for a potato salad (no this is no joke).

3.     ‘People power’ saves man trapped by train

In case you missed it, a more traditional style of people power was used in Perth, Western Australia a few weeks ago when a man got his leg caught between a train and a platform, other commuters and train personnel banded together, pushed against the train and managed to free the man’s leg. See the video here.

One Big Switch is currently working on our next Big Switch. Without the people power of our membership base we wouldn’t be able to run these campaigns, so remember to spread the word and join at

Have you taken part in any other people power campaign or movements?

Have you got any ideas for what One Big Switch’s next Big Switch should be?

Click here to donate to the ALS Association 

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Josephine from MH commented:

Hello there. Through you I changed my electricity provider to Bord Gais last March and was happy with the change, until I received a notification in the post that my monthly bill will be increasing from October! I definitely, without a shadow of a doubt have not increased my electricity usage, so I am very surprised by this news and quite annoyed too. I believed the agreed amount would be in place for 12 months. Someone please enlighten me. 

David - One Big Switch
David - One Big Switch from D replied to Josephine:

Hi Josephine, thanks for getting in touch. If you could send through some detail about the notification to I will look into it for you. Thanks. 

josephine from MO commented:

Feel the love!!! All for one, one for all......Power in numbers!!!!!! 

David - One Big Switch
David - One Big Switch from D replied to josephine:

Thanks for the support Josephine, it's great to have you on board! 

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