NewsIs the Government putting us on the Bold Step again this Christmas?
Is the Government putting us on the Bold Step again this Christmas?

Is the Government putting us on the Bold Step again this Christmas?

If you are reading this you are probably a householder, doing your best to manage your bills and your home while being a responsible citizen. As the covid pandemic trundles on we are being told we might face restrictions again this Christmas. Do we need the Government to tell us how we should live our lives, or are we responsible enough to make good decisions?

Now that we all understand what the pandemic is about, are we able to make good decisions on how to deal with it without Government laws and rules? Protect ourselves if we are vulnerable, get vaccinated, don’t go to a crowded pub and then visit elderly relatives. There are many tools a responsible citizen could use, including antigen tests and booster shots, but the Government seems to be distrusting of us and making it difficult to access these tools, believing perhaps that we would not use them correctly or worse, lose the run of ourselves completely if we did.

But it is not just on covid stuff that the Government seems to distrust our judgement to adopt new tools, technologies, and knowledge to make our lives better. Everyone would agree that some regulation is a good thing, but how much is too much? At what point does Government regulation morph into distrust of citizens and the rollout of a nanny state?

In areas in which householders are free to choose the services they want from the private sector we have shown ourselves capable of making good decisions. The move to online banks, online shopping and digitalisation in general exceeds that of many of our European neighbours, for example Germany, which is far behind on digitalisation of its economy.

But there are many sectors of the economy where the Government has not facilitated the rollout of new technologies, believing perhaps that we could not be trusted with such hi-tech science.

  • According to the IPHA, Ireland is among the last in western Europe to have access to new medicines.
  • Despite its zero-carbon footprint, we have no plans to generate nuclear power in Ireland.
  • The UK has built a database of the genomic data of millions of its citizens which is being used to research new treatments for cancer, in Ireland we have no such database and no plans to build one. 
  • Some Government agencies still require wet signatures on paper, despite e-signatures being legal since 2000.

We are now one of the richest nations in Europe, should we not have leading technologies being made available to households and to citizens?

What do you think? Is the Government putting a brake on technology adoption and progress, to protect us because we can’t always be trusted with new knowledge and new technologies? Or are our values more conservative and we want the Government to tell us what to do because they really do know best?

How should we react to being put on the Bold Step again this Christmas?

Leave your comments below.

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Is the Government putting us on the Bold Step again this Christmas?

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Someone from G commented:

The government are doing their best in very difficult times. Have you forgotten what happened last Christmas and the horrendous month of January 2021 

Someone from G commented:

I like the topics on this column and reading different opinions in the comment section. Will be keeping my subscription. 

Hilary from D commented:

I will be unsubscribing! 

Nick from WW commented:

Healthcare workers are doing far more then ever to protect us all. Please listen to the health experts. One Big switch is taking a political role, and I don't trust politics. I signed up to get consumer deals, not political waffle. I am unsubscribing. Nick. 

Afric from DL commented:

I too am saddened to see that this platform is misused to spread unsubstantiated and unqualified opinions about the way of how to get by safely in a pandemic. All of a sudden everybody seems to be a scientist and know everything. “One Big Switch” seems to have performed one big switch towards the conspiracy theorists and anti-van/anti-mask movement, no more independent consumer advice and service comparison. This is not what I signed up to and I shall unsubscribe too. From a tired, disheartened healthcare worker. Stay safe!! 

Someone from LM commented:

It is sad to think that "One big Switch" is using its platform in this way. I shall unsubscribe and leave ye to it. My apologies, I thought I was signing up to a service that provide service comparisons with recommendations and sound consumer advice. Stay safe ! 

Elizabeth from CW commented:

The government is giving us every changing guidelines. Get the vaccine, we will all be saved. Got it, but now i may have to get booster upon booster. Does not instil confidence in this. We are after all the trial for these new vaccines. Well I want the actually information, I want to know how all the original test subjects are doing? I want to know about the adverse effects and the good effects. I want to see both sides not just be told blankly to get another shot or loose your already little freedoms. I am an adult who makes decisions based on facts - I want the facts! Theres notting but confusion and a bunch of bungling men making decisions for the whole country. The media constantly pushes the agenda they are been paid for instead of actually reporting the facts, the truth. I am fed up with lies. How can we make an informed decision with this every changing landscape, and every changing reality of the vaccines. I just cannot come to terms or agree that small children should be vaccinated. As someone said its the adults who should protect the children not the children protect the adults by taking an experimental vaccine. 

Leonie from WW replied to Elizabeth:

Exactly what you said ! ☝️ 

Someone from G replied to Elizabeth:

Fantastic, Elizabeth. Wholeheartedly agree. Why isn't there transparency? Tell us the fecking truth. People will try their best whatever happens as all people are inherently decent. I don't like the vaccination of kids with this trial stuff, especially when it's not really worked on the adults. We don't know the long-term of this, this is all so short sighted. We all want to go back but I don't think we can anymore. We have to accept things and create a new way to be with covid now. We need a few more strategies than a) vaccinate everyone and b) shut down hospitality and c) repeat. 

Someone from C commented:

The Government are doing their best in these uncertain times. Give them a break 

Someone from D commented:

The nanny state in Ireland is out of control supported by a compliant media and by radio Sinn Fein aka RTE. Let the Irish people think for themselves and stop this control madness. Remember the lockdowns , the most draconian in Europe, did not work and will not work in the future. The recent alcohol bill is another example of bureaucratic nonsense when you can purchase in Northern Ireland or vat paid from Europe at far cheaper prices. Another smugglers charter. 

Ian from D commented:

No place for politics in this page. Entirely inappropriate. 

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