NewsIreland ranks 3rd in Europe for the cost of a night out
Ireland ranks 3rd in Europe for the cost of a night out

Ireland ranks 3rd in Europe for the cost of a night out

We’ve all said it! “What the hell happened last night!?”

You’re €100 down, the fear is hanging like a dark cloud over an otherwise sunny day and you just looked at your last dialled. It’s ok, we’ve all been there.

But where did it all go!

One Big Switch, Irelands largest  consumer network, has attempted to shed some light on what exactly happens to all those €20′s you rolled out with and how it compares to our European Neighbours.

The bad news (as if you didn’t know) is that Ireland is an expensive place to have a night out. Ireland ranks 3rd overall across the 28 EU member states, just behind Denmark and Luxembourg. But fear not! If you’re all out for a birthday or reunion dinner you’re in luck, we rank 9th in the cost of eating out (silver lining? No?…yeah).

Overall, we rank 8th for public transport and 5th for the price of fast food. But the real kicker isn’t what you were thinking, we’re 5th overall for that, it’s actually babysitting. We rank 4th in Europe at €50 for 5 hours.

The Cheapest

That’s the bad news, but we’re not going to leave you on that.

Planning on a lads/girlo weekend away? We know where to go.

The cheapest place in Europe at present for a night out is Bulgaria but what’s the damage I hear you say? €24.24. Yup, a bargain! It’s quickly followed by Romania and the Czech Republic ranging from between €26 – €30.

So there you have it! If you want to have that night out with friends or have that weekend in Prague then make sure you’re making the easy savings where you can. Start saving on your household bills with

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Ireland ranks 3rd in Europe for the cost of a night out

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John from CW commented:

What's taken into account for a night out? 

Paul Anthony - OneBigSwitch
Paul Anthony - OneBigSwitch from D replied to John:

Hi John, the graphic in the article breaks down what we're taking into account. Hope that helps! 

Michael from D commented:

What kind of a taxi do you get to go to Bulgaria ??? 

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