Bill Stress - Water ChargesToday we presented a comprehensive Water Charges Submission on behalf of more than 4,000 members who contributed to it, along with the rest of the now 65,000+ strong One Big Switch network.

By adding their voices to the submission, One Big Switch members have taken positive action to make sure the consumer voice is heard in the water charges debate.

The key findings of the submission highlight the level of bill stress Irish households are already facing and the impact new water charges would have on their financial and physical wellbeing. The key findings concluded that:

  • 77% of co-authors do not support the introduction of water charges with the majority believing they are unaffordable and families are already struggling enough,
  • 97% of respondents are currently experiencing bill stress, with 65% of respondents experiencing “a lot” or “extreme” bill stress.
  • 97% believe the proposed charge of €240 will increase their bill stress.
  • The proposed allocations are insufficient for an average household to lead a healthy lifestyle, and
  • The application of the charges as proposed is inequitable and more needs to be done to ensure fairness in its application.

While the introduction of water charges are going ahead, it’s vital that policy makers take note of a submission written by consumers. Particularly when they consider the real impact that the proposed €240 water charges will have on many household budgets.” One Big Switch founder Oliver Tattan said,

It’s important the voice of ordinary Irish households is heard by key policy makers in the final deliberations on the design of the Water Charges payment and billing systems.”

Copies of the submission have been received by representatives of all major political parties as well as government representatives including the Minister for the Environment, Community & Local Government, the Minister for Communications, Energy & Natural Resources and the Minister for Social Protection.

Details of the report and the list of contributors can be found at here.


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ally from D commented:

I live in an apartment , there is still no clear guidance as to how water charges are going to work. I want to have my own meter anything else is unfair, apartment owners are being treated like second class owners. 

Anonymous from C commented:

Why not do water charges in the same way as we do electricity and gas charges? You pay for what you use, at a fair rate (not €4.88 per 1000 litres) and there are no "free" allowances. BUT, give us back the money currently taken, via taxes, to cover the cost of water supply, in budget 2015. Water charging should be revenue neutral for the government and for the consumer. 

David - One Big Switch
David - One Big Switch from D commented:

Interesting point you raise. 

eugene from LK commented:

Water prices are too high in ireland. 

Mary from LH commented:

I really don't understand how water charges here are going to be so high. My daughter lives in UK and her water bill for her and her husband for 3 months was £22.85!!!...which works out at less than £2 per week...why are we being charged so much? 

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