NewsSend A Message to the Dáil on Water Charges
Send A Message to the Dáil on Water Charges

Send A Message to the Dáil on Water Charges

Today we launched a campaign to find 5000 consumers to help co-write a submission to political leaders on water charges.

You can join the campaign, and help co-write the submission, by answering a series of questions about the water charges at

Once the campaign concludes we will collate the answers in to a crowd written submission, and deliver the submission to leaders of all major political parties.

The campaign to create a crowd written submission, co-authored by 5000 Irish Consumers, will be a first of it kinds in Ireland.

By co-authoring the crowd written submission you will help ensure that:

  • All sides of politics understand the real impact that the proposed €240 water charges will have on many household budgets; and
  • The voice of ordinary Irish Households are heard in the final deliberations around the design of the Water Charges payment and billing systems.

By adding your voice to the submission you will be taking positive action to make sure the consumer voice is heard in the water charges debate.

We want to make sure that all sides of politics are left in no doubt about just how much pressure the proposed water charge will put on many household budgets.

Our Co-Founder Oliver Tattan has called on consumers to help co-write the submission to make sure the consumer voice gets heard in the Water Charges debate, “by acting together, we can build a powerful voice for consumers, and help make sure that ordinary families aren’t ignored in the water charges debate. There has been a lot of noise around water charges in the media recently, but not many opportunities for ordinary consumers to take constructive action to make sure their voice is heard.”

“The more people who add their name to the submission the louder our collective voice will get, so please spread the word to your family and friends.“

You can join the campaign at before midnight on May 22.

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Send A Message to the Dáil on Water Charges

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