NewsCampaign champ to win 1 year’s free electricity in free draw

Campaign champ to win 1 year’s free electricity in free draw

Prize DrawCash conscious consumers have been signing up to the Big Energy Switch campaign in their thousands.
And, many people registering with the campaign are also signing up their friends and relatives.

That means that the good news is spreading – and the greater the number of people who sign up the greater our bargaining power for a better deal.

Today, to reward campaigners who are spreading the good news, One Big Switch today announced a prize draw that will reward a Big Energy Switch local campaign champion.

The prize draw will ensure that any consumer who recruits five friends to join the Big Energy Switch campaign will go in to a free draw to win a year’s free electricity.*

In the first week of the campaign over 13,000 members have registered, a huge show of strength from consumers:

  • 338 members have already recruited at least 1 friend to the campaign
  • Only 9 members have so far recruited over 5 friends to the campaign
  • One member, Gerard McLoughin is the current leader board champ after signing up 60 people
  • The cumulative annual energy buying power f One Big Switch campaign members is  now over €30 million

One Big Switch tracks referrals by giving all our members a unique URL that they can present to friends and family when asking them to join the campaign.

A recruitment target of 20,000 members has been set for the first campaign to unlock group discounts for home energy bills.

Reaching 13,000 consumers in the first week, means this ambitious target is now well within reach, with the help of local campaign champions.

*The total value of the prize is capped at €1500 and terms and conditions apply. 

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Campaign champ to win 1 year’s free electricity in free draw

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