NewsPower to the people….

Power to the people….

Power to the people, or the power of prayer could become a major legal test in South Africa.

Nelson Thabo Modupe says his electricity company should fork out 250 million rand because his images (3)religious devotion prevented power cuts during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Nelson, of Lichtenburg, near Johannesburg, is a member of the Zion Christian Church and says Eskom should pay him approximately €15million.

He claimed the main reason for blackouts was lightning and wind, and that he had taken it upon himself to pray to God and ask that no power cuts take place.

And in fact, no power cuts took place.

Obviously Nelson wasn’t praying for the counties off the west coast who were hit with power cuts during the recent storms.

But, maybe he or other people here were praying for an end, or an easing in the year on year increases in electricty prices.

However, someone’s prayers have been answered, as energy company Energia has been revealed as about to enter the market next week.

Pundits are already predicting a price war, which will be good for consumers.  And, today, sources are saying that Electric Ireland will match any opening offers from Energia.  Officially, they say they keep their price plans under review and a secret until they are announced to customers.

But back to Nelson.   If he sets a legal precedent who could you sue and for what?  Here’s just a few ideas of get your lawyer on the job.

Did you ever pray that :

The toll gates on motorways would continue to operate and cost you money? (Sue the NRA)
The bin companies would still charge you despite spilling rubbish all over your driveway? (Sue your bin company)
Irish Water would spend €70million on consultants so you could pay a water charge? (Sue big accountancy firms – for a start and keep going)

Dublin City Council would spend tens of millions on a waste incinerator but didn’t get around to building it? (Sue Dublin City Council – and the Chief of Irish water who was chief of Dublin city council).

Getting the hang of it? Off you go…..

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